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Old Stones--Some in German

Memorial Garden

When the church is more than 190 years old, it stands to reason that the cemetary will have an interesting history, and this one does. Initially, it was called the Churchyard, which had it's first burials in 1824. Christian Young and William Nixon were the first burials, although no stones can be found with their names on it. From 1827 to 1851, the cemetary grew with 26 burials. An additional 328 burials were performed between 1824 and 1862, and the largest increase of 780 happened from 1862 until 1924, probably due to the civil war and the influenza pandemic.

Not all of the buried are Lutherans as Salem was united with the Reform Church. Some of the graves were moved from Schober Land (behind Pizza Hut and Isaac's in Lititz) to Salem in 1865 and from other locations when roads to Lititz were built. There are still 5 gravesites at the Schober Graveyard, and these folks were members of Salem. There are 82 grave stones in German. In 1900, tombstone inscriptions were noted, epitaphs were not, by William Woerner. His list included 324 burials but did not include children under 18. The church record book included burials not noted by Woerner. "The list we have now up to 1986 were noted, copied, and compared with church records that were available and were pubished in the book compiled by Eva M. Myers, which is now out of print."

Today, due to space restrictions, the cemetary is reserved for members of Salem.



During the mowing season it is important that we all be familiar with the following rules regarding placement of flowers and plants in the cemetery:

1. Planting of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. on any lot is not permitted.

2. Potted flowers will be permitted two days before and two weeks after Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day Memorial Day and July 4.

3. Except as noted above, only fresh cut (not artificial)flowers will be permitted during the mowing season, which runs from April 1 to November 1, and they will be removed when they are wilted.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Property Committee